Business Model

Gutfor GmbH pursues the philosophy as an investor under conditions of a steady growth on the German real estate market.



  • thorough examination and selection of investment projects to assess their technical, legal and financial condition;
  • acquisition of existing real estate objects and land lots for new construction;
  • development of construction documents for new construction objects;
  • preparation of permits, construction coordination with authorities;
  • conclusion of contracts with general contractors, control over construction progress in accordance with construction documents;
  • achievement of the added value of our properties through redevelopment / renovation.




Our field of activity includes the efficient management of our residential and commercial properties in Germany.

We implement projects related to the rental of real estate. The high quality of our properties and the growing rental market in Germany are the basis of our company's stable income.



Gutfor sells existing properties that generate a stable income from rental payments. The company's portfolio includes residential and commercial real estate, hotels, offices and nursing homes.

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